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Quite often there are issues that arise in everyday life and business. These issues are stumbling blocks and cause us to feel stuck, and unable to move forward, often giving the feeling that we are caught in a squirrel cage. They tend to distort our perception, create confusion and sometimes trigger fear. Psychotherapy is not always needed to work through these issues, but an objective person who is trained to help facilitate problem solving and provide options can help the individual make better choices and take the appropriate action. This is precisely the work of a Life Coach

When we are overwhelmed with more than we can handle or do not want to make a decision for fear we will have regrets, sometimes sharing the problem with a trained professional or Life Coach can often open wider vistas than alone we were unable to do. In today’s busy, almost frenetic lifestyle, handling more than our share can produce anxiety, burn-out, depression, illness and poor choices.

It has been said, “We have to get out of the mountain to see the mountain.” This is how personal life coaching works. It does not deal with your past, except to point out patterns of behavior, which have been your mode of operation that were ineffective, damaging or non-productive. Personal life coaching helps you see the past, to change the present, in hopes of a more successful future. In addition, is allows the individual to take ownership of his/her feelings, thoughts and behavior. It empowers the individual to self-actualize and assumes that every individual has all the resources needed to effect positive outcome goals.

Joan E. Childs has been working as a personal life coach with individuals, couples, groups and families for twenty-seven years. She does not just talk about life; she lived it! Both her personal and professional experiences have contributed to her understanding of human dynamics. She is knowledgeable and skilled in communication techniques that contribute to the welfare of all relationships. Life Coaching can be performed by telephone and or Skype. It is advisable to commit to one session per week, for a minimum of a half hour. The fees are as follows:

45-minute session: $175.00

half hour: $100.00

15 minutes: $50.00


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