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Couples 2 Day Intensive Therapy

Certified Pairs Leader


I have exciting news I want to share with all of you about my future intentions beginning January, 2012. I am launching a two day couple’s Intensive to help couples (one couple at a time) “CROSS THE BRIDGE” and restore their relationship/marriage. I am thrilled about this new beginning in my career at this time of my life as I feel I have embarked upon a wonderful and powerful healing technology to employ with couples who want to repair the relational space that has become polluted over the course of time.

I have accrued many different certifications and attended dozens of workshops from many contributors in the field of couple counseling. I am presently embarking on a three year Master Course with Hedy Schleifer, (, who has created a fresh and innovative methodology, called Encounter-Centered Couple Therapy that synthesizes the work of many contributors including John Bradshaw, CREATING AND MAINTAINING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS, Harville Hendrix, IMAGO, Lori Gordon, PAIRS, (PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS FOR INTIMATE RELATIOHSHIP SKILLS) and the philosophy of Martin Buber as well as many others. Hedy Schliefer, the founder of TIKKUN, (a Hebrew word that means repair), is a renowned international couple’s counselor who delivers couple

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workshops all over the world. The two day Intensive I will structure as the main core modality of my practice, delivers the results most couple’s cannot achieve in years with traditional counseling. The only requirement to engage in this process is that BOTH parties say, “YES” (having a sense of good will) to move their relationship/marriage forward.

It was Martin Buber, the Jewish philosopher who said that we are wired for connection. When we disconnect, we go into crisis. It is then, that the relational space in which the couple lives with their children becomes polluted. This two day Intensive is designed to help couples go deep into each other’s world by Crossing the Bridge to their partner’s neighborhood and seeing perhaps, for the first time, their partner’s essence and authentic self that they may never have known before. It teaches presence, encounter and connection in a way that really works. The couple learns how to exchange their survival roles for their authentic selves so that they no longer are stuck in their unhealthy dynamic of existence. I have witnessed many transformations that were never before able to be accomplished through other therapeutic interventions. Although the costs are steep, ($3500.00) for the two days, it is a lot cheaper that the cost of a divorce and more importantly, can save the couple and their children from multiple heartaches and suffering.

Having been in private practice for nearly 35 years, this process has produced a new and vital energy in me, (at the ripe young age of 72), that is prompting me to incorporate this as my niche in private practice and to introduce this to our community. It will become my life’s work.

Now, in the autumn years of my life and work, I have engaged in a three year Master Class with Hedy Schleifer, MA, a skilled master in couple’s work. For years I have used all the skills, tools and resources I have learned over more than thirty four years, but never have a found a technology more effective than the work Hedy has created to help couple’s clean up the polluted relational space in couple’s lives to create the most positive outcomes I have ever seen. These outcomes provide couples with a formula that works and one they can use at home without a therapist once they learn how to use it. This technology has proven successful all over the world and Hedy has now decided to teach it to experienced therapists who are interested in working with couples.

I have attended workshops with Hedy and have involved myself along with my couples in weekends of repair and resolution. The results have been astounding and the best part is that is lasts. Visit Hedy’s website @ www.Hedy/ to learn more about this wonderful philosophy and therapeutic modality. In the meantime, please consider visiting me for working out the issues in your relationship with state of the arts technology in marital counseling!

Quite often it is necessary to see a spouse or significant other in order that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. Couples therapy can often help individuals work through issues that cannot be resolved in Individual Therapy. As a PAIRS leader, (see highlighted title), I employ the methods and models of treatment I learned many years ago to assist couples to work through their differences and cultivate healthy intimacy.
The same is true with families. The dynamics in families are often hidden when only one family member is intreatment. It is necessary to observe how the family works in motion. Family Therapy allows the therapist an opportunity to see constructs that would ordinarily be missed in Individual sessions. Observing patterns of communication and the dynamics of interaction provides the therapist with insight for making suggestions that allows growth and change in the family system.
The fees for individual, couple or family therapy are $200.00 per session.

Couples 2 Day Intensive Therapy

Advancing technology in couple’s counseling has paved the way to perpetual possibilities and hope for healthier relationships. We now know ways to teach couples to reconnect and reach levels of intimacy never before realized. We understand that human beings are wired for connection and when we disconnect, we go into crisis. The goal is to help couples become authentic; to relinquish their survival roles so they can discover each other, perhaps for the first time, thus allowing them to fall in love again. When the relational space between them becomes polluted, a “disconnect” is certain to happen. When we clean up the contaminated space, we reconnect with a more meaningful, honest and mature relationship than ever thought possible. The basis of this work is adapted from Martin Buber, the Jewish philosopher, who said, ” When two individuals are in their essence, time is eternal.” This was the origin of the “I/thou” experience.

The format is a two-day therapeutic intensive ($3500.00), executed consecutively or close together. Insurance will not cover this procedure. (It is important to note that this is far less expensive than a divorce.) This work requires a special and unique approach. A traditional psychotherapeutic hour is not appropriate, as the treatment requires mass time therapy to obtain optimum results.
*Another facet of ENCOUNTER-CENTERED COUPLES THERAPY is called THE GOOD-BYE PROCESS. Derived from Imago Therapy, it provides closure for those couples who choose to separate or divorce. They will learn how to release old resentments and experience constructive closure: a healing way to end their relationship.
Through this process the couple learns they can be friends, even after divorce. They learn a new way to be connected and proceed in their lives with added relational understanding and maturity. If the couple has children, they will increase and strengthen their parenting skills.
Some couples suddenly see the possibility of a new way to be connected. They will say goodbye with honor, dignity and respect to their relationship and each other. Perhaps this is hard to imagine, but it works! THE GOODBYE PROCESS is also a two-day Intensive where couples can say goodbye to the good as well as the bad.

Psycho-educational programs for the learning and development of . . .
Practical Applications of Intimate Relationship Skill

Founded by Lori Gordon, PhD, PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills), provides opportunities for change and growth in couples. PAIRS teach couples how to move their relationship forward to better communication that results in better understanding. The tools provided by a PAIRS LEADER helps facilitate couples through their conflicts and gives each partner a better understanding of the needs and wounds of one other.
Often our history complicates our present and dictates our future. By learning how to discharge the anger, hurt and fears of our childhood, we can clear a new path for love and commitment in our present relationships. Simple exercises and ground rules for FAIR FIGHTING help couples deal respectfully and effectively with one another. It teaches them to honor the pain and shame each brings to a relationship, unwittingly. It offers new ways to deal with old issues. It builds tolerance and intimacy that results in a deeper love for one another.
Based on the contributions of many psychologists and psychotherapists, PAIRS synthesizes the work of expert clinicians who have developed their own theories and ideas that have each been a part of a whole system of techniques. PAIRS is the collaboration of all these combined.
Having been a PAIRS LEADER since 1997, I feel confident that this model can effectuate positive change in couples who are willing to commit to the process.

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