MANEATER: Keeping him faithful By Joan E Childs

image provided by flikr

Seven ways to ensure fidelity and keep your love alive:

Every relationship has conflict.  Expect it.  However, here are some things you can do to keep your guy happy, thus keeping you happy too!

#1 Nothing pleases a guy more than a great blow job.  In fact, even a lousy blow job is better than a bottle of beer, a ball game or a great poker hand.  Sound easy?  It is!  Master this and your worries are over.  He’ll never stray.  Football ranks second to sucking his cock.  Sound nasty?  It’s not.  Just close your eyes and imagine a sugar cone filled to the brim with your favorite ice cream flavor.  It’s all in the fantasy that forms in the mind.  And, the fantasy can often be greater than reality.  Most of all, it’s worth the effort.  The results will stun you.  No more worries; sleepless nights, panic attacks or paranoia.  He’s yours to stay.  You don’t know it baby, but you can have your dude under your spell for the rest of his life.  You know the old saying, “A man thinks with his penis.”  Well, he also feels with it and depends on it for his life force.  And….you have the power to keep it up and happy.  The way to his heart is not thru his stomach; it’s thru your mouth, your tongue and your ability to swallow it all.  Sounds crude?  It’s not.  It’s the truth.  The sooner you realize it, the better your relationship will be.  Man-eating is the best way to a man’s heart!  Man-eating rules! That means if you have him in your mouth, he will forever have you in his heart.

#2   Set the stage.  Create an environment that invites him home and stimulates his libido.  Dress up!  Look like a class stripper and learn how to move your body around the something in your home that resembles a pole.  If you don’t have anything that can morph into one, buy one.  Walking through that front door, seeing you in a hot stripper outfit with mesh panty hose and/or garter belt and  high heels will hypnotize him into any performance you desire and get you just about anything you long for.  Don’t forget the fragrance.  There’s nothing as sexy as the scent of a woman.  Don’t be afraid to move your finger inside your vagina to wave in front of his nostrils and stick in his mouth as he walks thru that front door declaring “this is just for starters!”   Do this once or twice a week and he ain’t going anywhere, except home to you!

#3.Tell him he’s gorgeous and smile simultaneously.  Grab his face and draw his lips onto yours.  Be assertive bordering on aggressive.  Tell him he’s hot and makes you happy.  When he smiles touch his cock and fondle him for a few moments.  He’ll forget to pee and take you directly to bed.  Another woman may enter his mind (that’s normal for the course), but he’ll never enter her; only you.

#4.  Bathe him.  Have a bath ready, lights low, soft romantic mood music and a glass of wine on the vanity.  Wear a sexy, robe.  Fill the bath with fragrant bubble bath and order him to strip and get in.  Lather him with your hands and gently stroke every inch of his body leaving his genitals for last.  Once you have them in your hand, slide into the tub with him. Face him.  Look directly into his eyes and tell him how much you need him.  Make him feel special.  Moan.  Smile.  Breathe gently in his ears and stroke his hair wetting it down while kissing his temples.  You don’t have to think after this.  Nature will take its course.  This isn’t a nightly event.  Make it an occasional surprise, but keep it up so he knows it’s not just a performance.  He has to feel you are genuine and authentic.

#5.   Have something special ready for dinner.  This is not a nightly ritual, but it’s something to do as often as you water your plants.  Nurture him the same way.  Give him space and closeness.  Balance is key.

# 6 Ask him about his day and share yours with him.  Communication breeds intimacy.  Tell him you thought about him and sometimes those thoughts made you wet.  He’ll  love that!  Tell him one thing he did that you appreciate.  (If he brought you coffee in the morning, picked up your cleaning, walked he dog, etc.  If you have something that is puzzling you, tell him. If you have a complaint with a request for change, tell him.  (I.e. turn off the cell until dinner is over.) This you try to do daily unless there are no complaints or puzzles.  Always tell him what you appreciate and share your hopes, dreams and wishes.

#7  Cuddle.  Go to bed clean, smelling good, and cuddle.  Hold each other and when you say good night, say it with a kiss.  If you are angry or unresolved about something, don’t talk about it just before bed.  Contain it for a time when you are both not tired.  Make sure you say, “I love you” as you turn over or just before the lights go out.  Verbal affirmation goes a long way.

These do’s and don’ts make for a happy, satisfying dude.  In return, it makes you happy.  That’s the idea; isn’t it?  Don’t take your man for granted, and chances are he won’t take you for granted either.  The goal is to compete to see who can make the other happier.  The results are  that you both win!