How To Stay Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually Healthy: A Brief Overview

By now everyone knows what is necessary to live healthier and longer lives, but most people can’t seem to motivate themselves to maintain what needs to be done. Prevention is the key to wellness and longevity.
I can provide you with what you need for wellness in mind, body and spirit, however, it’s up to you to make the choice and just do it! A great quarterback is only as good as his wide receiver!

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Your appearance this afternoon on Topical Currents: Dear Ms.(Dr.) Childs, Thank you so much for appearing on the show. Of course, I could get into a long story about so many things related to suicide. Instead, I’ll simply say “Thank You,” for being a special person( I know we’re all “special”), but some of us, like you, do so much for the rest of us, that we need to remind you, over and over, how grateful we are. For my part, I’ve been in remission from a rare neurological syndrome, cervical dystonia, for about 35 years. All I can do, when I talk to people who are suffering with this, is tell them what I think, worked for me. I would have called in on today’s show, but I was already crying. My very best for good health and happiness for you and your family.

– Dan

Topical Currents Live today at 1pm

Tuesday’s Topical Currents delves into a mother’s heart-wrenching story of her daughter’s suicide…her unimaginable and all-consuming grief, her guilt, and her struggle to find peace. Joan E. Childs, a psychotherapist herself, has written Why Did She Jump: My Daughter’s Battle with Bipolar Disorder.  It’s an intimate and uncompromising account of the tragedy and lifts the veil of shame and secrecy surrounding bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses. Please join us for Topical Currents, Tuesday at 1pm.

Control vs Letting Go

Our personality likes to be in control. It likes to know how things are and what’s going to happen. This need comes from a lack of trust. Underlying this desire for stability and predictability is a deep fear that the world is a dangerous and/or an unfriendly universe.  The personality fears it will not survive without continually being on guard. The need to maintain guard derives from toxic shame.

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