Book Review on A Lucky Ladybug

  Alana has seemed drawn to books of tragedy.  She has dealt with a ton in her short life from situations of her own growing up to constantly being that go to person for her friends.  The things she has had her friends confide in her with are already more than most adults go through in a lifetime.  I think reading these stories help her to better understand those situations as well as how to deal with them moving forward.

About Autism Spectrum Disorder…a kid friendly explanation

About Autism Spectrum Disorder…a kid friendly explanation

Autism is a spectrum disorder (ASD) that causes some people’s brains to work in a unique way. Kids with (ASD) experience the world differently than other children and therefore, it may cause them to act and behave in ways that seem strange or unusual. Many kids with ASD have difficulty talking, understanding, playing, learning, and making friends. In addition, they often may have trouble with their senses including the way they see, hear, smell, taste, and feel things in the world. This makes it much more difficult for them to do the things that come to others so easily. This does not mean that they are bad or dumb; it just means that they are different. Some kids can be mildly affected and don’t have too many concerns but there are others who can be very affected and may need a lot of help.

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A Mother’s Story

I read the blog written by Liza Long with heartfelt sympathy and interest. I too am a mother of a daughter who suffered from mental illness. No, she was not a murderer, a criminal or an evil person. She was a loving devoted daughter, sister, friend and clinical therapist holding both a LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) and Ph.D. in psychology. She loved life, her work, her patients, her family and her friends. She was sick and suffered from Bipolar I Disorder for ten years before she leaped to her death on July 2, 1998. She was thirty-four years old. Continue reading