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Inspirational Speaker • Psychotherapist • Author

Joan E. Childs, LCSW is an experienced, renowned therapist, whose work and skill is recognized regionally and nationally. She has been in private practice since 1978. Her resume in brief includes:

  • Two published books, THE MYTH OF THE MAIDEN: On Being a Woman and WHY DID SHE JUMP? My Daughter’s Battle with Bipolar Disorder, soon to be a movie
  • Two more submitted for publication, LIFE AFTER LOSS: A Journey of Eight Steps and THE BLITHERING BLOGS OF A BLISSFUL BLOGGER
  • TV producer, host and guest on national radio and television shows including Oprah
  • Inspirational Keynote Speaker
  • Member of National Speakers Association & Florida Speakers Association

Meet Joan E. Childs

Workshops, Group Sessions & Individual Therapy

Two-day Intensive Workshops for Couples
I am planning a two-day intensive workshop for couples who are committed to change and want ways to stay connected. This workshop will be held on October 12‐13 from 10:00 AM-6:00 PM. The fee is $750.00 for the two days. Four couples are maximum. We will be employing the work of Hedy Schleifer, Encounter Centered Couples Therapy, based on Imago Therapy. Suggested readings are: GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT by Harville Hendrix and THE FIVE LANGUAGES OF LOVE by Gary Chapman.

Two-day Couple’s Workshop For Couples Headed To The Altar
It is a good idea to explore love knots before you take your vows. I am offering a 2 day couple’s workshop for couples who are planning to be married and feel they have some unresolved issues to work out before bringing them into their marriage. I will be employing the same methods as mentioned above. The fee is $750.00 per couple for the two days. This is a great gift to give to each other. The dividends are priceless! If you are interested, please contact me.

Group Sessions - My on-going group sessions will continue bi-monthly for a six month commitment. The fee is $100.00 per group session. If you are interested in joining, please feel free to contact me. The next group will begin October 30, 2018 from 6:30 - 8:00 pm. Anyone interested in joining please email me at

Individual Psychotherapy - Ask yourself if you have issues that are interfering with the quality of your life. If so, psychotherapy might be helpful. After nearly 41 years, I still provide individual sessions to help resolve conflicts that still linger and keep you stuck.

Marriage/Couple Therapy - If your marriage or relationship is suffering and causing chronic conflict between you and your partner, perhaps it’s time to seek out some professional help. It’s hard to mend a broken arm yourself. It takes a professional. It’s just as difficult to mend a broken heart or relationship. It too requires professional help.

Off the Couch

View my video series:
"Off the Couch: Morning Moments with Joan E. Childs"

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Speaking Topics Include:
Coping with Grief and Loss in the Private and Corporate World
Your Cup is Half Full: NOT Half Empty!
Life after Loss: A Journey of Eight Steps
Sex in the City after 60!
Making Love Work
Managing Stress for Inner Peace
Being a Woman in the 21st Century
The Legend of the Lost Libido:
Where, Oh Where Has My Sexy Self Gone?
Starting Over: It’s Never Too Late!
Healing Wounded Warriors

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